Join an Existing Pride centered around a college or university. RIGHT NOW you can sign up for some of our inital START UP PROGRAMS. First is the THE PROFESSOR OF GRIZORA UNIVERSITY MEMBERSHIP. The First 32  per college location to sign up will receive discounts, chances to win $25,000, participate in promotional contests for money and serve as "EXTRAS" in the Series we are promoting! . 

We are "Kicking Off" our Grizora Solo Style Cornhole Championship with our Fall GRIZORA/BALL FIELD BAT MAFIA FOOTBALL TAILGATE PARTY! Details will be available in August 2019. The ACE & FACE GUN & HUNT CARD CLUB is using "The Lion Pride" to market their MASSIVE Queen of Hearts Program! Coming VERY SOON, 


American Lion Pride Marketing is looking for TOP SPOKES PEOPLE to promote contests, products,  businesses and encourage participation using social media blasts, photo opps, and much more. These positions are for a LIMITED FEW call ROGUE LIONS & LIONESSES as part of our Ambassador Program. Our client, Americas Fitness Magazine is looking to pay top models for publication in the magazine! Get published! Please go to contact page and let us know that you are interested.

King Lion teaming with AFM