QUEEN OF HEARTS (Ace&Face Gun&Hunt Card Club)

We believe that "MARKETING" should be PROFITABLE for companies! WE GUARANTEE IT!!! Ace & Face Gun & Hunt Card Club has teamed up with "The Pride" and Apache Jim, LLC, and Grizora Energy Drink. Visit the directory of cooperating Gun and Hunt Shops for a location to play the Q of Hearts. 52 Weeks, with 52 Gun Winners and every one of the weekly winners is a finalist in a larg JACKPOT! An entire division of Grizora Solo Style Cornhole is dedicated to the Gun and Hunt shop directory. Play and win!

  • We will be providing a list of participating Gun & Hunt Shops on this page and at www.GunHuntCardClub.com
  • or email Ace@GunHuntCardClub.com


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  • The Gun & Hunt Club will be sponsoring a division of the Grizora Solo Style Cornhole Contest with cash and prizes for winners!