The Professor of Grizora University is the platform for "The Initial Series" and we will be shooting in and around a number of college campuses. We are looking for 2 groups of people: Actors for the show and Promoters that will ENJOY Grizora Energy Drink and Promote the Series while being extras in the Series.


"I am BEYOND EXCITED about having our script and plot picked up by the Production Company. Our SUCCESS and FUTURE will be based on the first three Episodes! We are looking to have a lot of FUN and SUCCESS with this INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY!!! Please join the Pride and ENJOY with us.

CEO- King Lion Jim, "The Professor"

"The Pride" has been given the opportunity to audtion the actors for the Series. We are in the process of setting up locations to conduct auditions. Watch this web site for more information.

Grizora University Memberships will be offered this Summer.